Waste Disposal

Posted on 7 June 2024

Disposing of Amalgam and the regulations around Mercury

It seems like there is an amalgam crisis in UK dentistry. Dentists have to be careful about disposing of amalgam, and they can no longer use this preferred material for fillings. Amalgam has fantastic longevity and efficiency, whereas the alternatives are more time-consuming to place and significantly more expensive. Is the amalgam in fillings bad for you? Amalgam fillings pose a very low and insignificant health risk due to the...

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Posted on 23 May 2024

A Comprehensive Dental Waste Guide for the UK

Comprehensive Dental Waste Guidelines in the UK At Anway Washrooms we aim to be your reliable source for dental waste management so that you remain compliant and cost effective (UK only). Proper disposal of dental waste is crucial for maintaining a safe and compliant dental practice. Our detailed guidelines below will help you understand the regulations and best practices for dental waste management, ensuring a healthy environment for customers and...

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