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Posted on 27 November 2023

Can Cleaners Empty Sanitary Bins?

The simple answer is no, cleaners can not empty sanitary bins. The regulatory classification of this type of waste means that employees and regular domestic and commercial cleaners cannot be made responsible for its disposal, or the control of what could be considered a substance that is hazardous to them health. So if your regular cleaner, or staff is emptying your sanitary waste bins on a regular basis, then you...

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Posted on 5 April 2023

What is healthcare waste?

Are you wondering what is healthcare waste? If so, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Many business owners find themselves unsure of what is and what isn’t classed as healthcare waste as well as how to dispose of it properly. At Anyway Washrooms, we can assist with clinical waste disposal in Sheffield, providing a professional and affordable service you can rely on.  Disposing of healthcare waste in Sheffield...

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