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Polycarbonate Soap Dispensers for Load. Star Line

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With a complete and renewed design, Losdi presents the new soap dispenser of new original  STAR Line, making the whole Line in unbreakable Polycarbonate. Is presented to the market, as a whole line, in white and black, for a very elegant and polyvalent binomial in any space.

Thanks to the interior texturized, which helps to generate dynamism and esthetic complexity, the bluish tones are highlighted in the  white line and gilded in the black line
One of the characteristics of the STAR Line is his translucent colors, since they allow to visualize to a simple sight the interior consumable.  This  STAR model can meet all necessities of the market, liquid soap bottle refillable or cartridges of liquid soap and / or foam, depending on the need of the end consumer. Ideal for bathroom with high traffic. It owns a  standard safety Losdi key supplied with the product. You will find Losdi's soap dispenser in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, dining rooms, kitchens, station services, clinics, offices, etc

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