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LOSDI Liquid soap / Gel dispenser white

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LOSDI Liquid soap dispenser with 1 liter refillable reservoir. White ABS. ECO-LUXE line.

The soap dispenser CJ-3003-B is ideal for its use with hydroalcoholic gel thanks to the non-dripping valve that allows the dosage of liquid products such as disinfectant. Design, quality and functionality. These are the three main characteristics of the liquid soap dispenser of new ECO-LUXE line.

This soap dispenser can hold up to 1 liter of liquid soap in its refillable bottle allowing prolonged use. It is equipped with an anti-drip valve to prevent the waste of consumable and allows a dosage of 1 millilitre of soap per pulsation.

LOSDI Liquid soap dispenser
LOSDI Liquid soap dispenser

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