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Chrome LCD 270ml Aerosol Dispenser

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Allowing flexible fragrancing, the LCD dispenser gives complete control, delivering a customised solution for all applications. Easy to programme, the LCD range allows fragrances to be dispensed on selected days of the week, between selected time periods at prescribed intervals, matching your customers’ needs exactly and maximising the life of fragrances.

  • Strong chemical resistant chrome plated plastic casing

  • Contemporary chrome finish

  • Easy aerosol replacement

  • Hidden on/off switch
– Low battery indicator - Red LED

  • Empty can indicator - Green LED
  • Factory set for metred 24 hours, 15 minute, 7 day release
  • Complete flexibility of start/stop time
Complete flexibility of spray time between 1 and 60 minutes
– Days remaining can life indication

  • Built in 24 hour clock

  • 'Day off' programming capability
– Hidden external instant test switch

  • Lockable dispenser with generic key
Requires 2 x C size alkaline batteries

  • 5 year guarantee

Chrome LCD 270ml Aerosol Dispenser


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