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Urinal Sanitisers

Our Bio-Enzyme technology features friendly bacteria that digest organic matter to prevent the hardening of uric scale deposits and reduce blockages in pipework.

Urinal sanitisers not only help maintain a safe and fragrant environment but also reduce uric scale deposits to reduce blockages in pipework.
Let Anway help maintain both a fragrant washroom whilst reducing the chances of blockages and expensive pipework repairs.
Anway Washroom Solutions provide the perfect answer to this ongoing problem for all washroom areas.

How are your urinal sanitisers working today?

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Anways give you complete peace of mind that your workplace obligations are met, in line with Current Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

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Order your Urinal Sanitisers Serviced Items from us:

Toilet Sanitisers (White / Chrome)

Toilet Sanitisers (White / Chrome)

Either supply or managed.

Attractive and durable construction for robust service in high traffic washroom areas.

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