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Nappy / Sharps Disposal

The safe collection and disposal of all types of commercial waste, including Clinical Waste. Anways are one of the only independent clinical waste station in South Yorkshire certified by the Environment Agency to manage clinical waste.

  • Weekly, Fortnightly & Montly Collections
  • Sharps, Nappy, First Aid and Clinical Waste Management
  • All size containers, Internal & External available

Nappy, Sharps, First Aid and Clinical Waste Collection and Disposal

We fully understand the frequent, safe and responsible collection and disposal of all waste materials are of vital importance to all public washrooms. We can handle your entire washroom needs offering complete management of public washrooms from supply of industry approved collection bins to fast, discreet collection of all waste materials on intervals to suit your individual requirements.

We are the only independent Clinical Waste Management company in South Yorkshire Legally Certified by the Environment Agency.

Anways give you complete peace of mind that your waste is being disposed of responsibly and safely by approved Government legislation as backed by the Environment Agency - The Environment Protection Act 1990.

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Order your Nappy, Sharps & Clinical Disposal Serviced Items from us:

Nappy Disposal Bin - 45L

Nappy Disposal Bin - 45L

Manufactured with a discretion flap, is discrete and designed to fit in with the modern washroom.

Available in various colours and two sizes, our medical bins provide a safe and durable solution. Waste is hidden using a discretion flap which also makes it ideal as a nappy bin.

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Sharps Disposal Bin - 1L

Sharps Disposal Bin - 1L

Sharps Disposal Bin are for the removal and disposal of sharp objects such as needles, knives, blades and lancets. Non toxic when incinerated and click shutable to make them secure.

Carries the British Standards kite mark and the United Nations symbol.

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Clinical Waste Bin - Lockable

Clinical Waste Bin - Lockable

We can supply Clinical Waste containers of all sizes. Ranging from Standard wheelie bin size right through large external bins as shown here.

For more details regarding a clinical waste bin to suit you - please call us today on:Tel: 0114 248 7649

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