Liquid Soap Dispenser. White ABS. ECO-LUXE Line in Sheffield
Liquid Soap Dispenser. White ABS. ECO-LUXE Line

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This soap dispenser (CJ-3003-B) is great for its use with hydroalcoholic gel.  This is due to the non dripping valve that allows the number of liquid products such as disinfectants to be dispensed correctly.  The main three main characteristics of the liquid soap dispenser are design, quality and functionality.

It can hold up to 1 litre of liquid soap in its refillable bottle allowing prolonged use. It is also equipped with an anti-drip valve. This in turn will assist to prevent the waste of consumables and allows a dosage of 1 millilitre of soap per pump.

The new ECO-LUXE line has been designed to achieve optimum performance. This is based on LOSDI’s experience as a consolidated brand in the field of professional and industrial hygiene throughout the world.

The exterior is made of white ABS material and gives the dispenser a unique and striking design. It comes with a plastic lock and key to allow the replacement of consumables This also helps to protect the interior of the appliance from improper use.


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