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Posted on 1 May 2024

Breaking news, we believe that GOJO may not be able to supply their UK customer base with soap dispensers and Purell hand sanitizers. Have GOJO Purell gone bankrupt / into administration?


We knew that all was not well at GOJO last year as they had to lay off staff as a result of the drop in hand sanitizer sales following the boom during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In March we read that GOJO had Purell renege a $27 million deal to by ethanol for their Purell hand sanitiser supply. No ethanol, no soap products. Plus a big lawsuit.

Today, an ex-employee of GOJO told us “Unfortunately today, my colleagues and I find ourselves without jobs after being made redundant from GOJO as GOJO EUROPE goes into administration and begins a withdrawal from the European market.”

Will this mean a shortage of hand sanitizers in the UK?

If you have Purell Hand Sanitiser dispensers in your premise and you are concerned about running out, you may now have to turn to the alternative supplier, SC Johnson.

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SC Johnson soap dispenser

Hand sanitiser trends

In the UK, the supply of commercial hand sanitizers has seen significant growth, particularly driven by the increased awareness of hygiene practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suppliers range from established pharmaceutical companies to small and medium-sized enterprises that have pivoted to meet the surge in demand. The market is characterized by a variety of products including gel, foam, and liquid sanitizers, catering to different commercial needs. Regulatory oversight by entities like the Health and Safety Executive ensures these products meet specific safety and efficacy standards. Moreover, the trend towards sustainable and locally sourced ingredients is shaping product offerings, reflecting consumer preferences for environmentally responsible options.

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