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Washroom Consumables and Dispensers

Providers and total on-site managment of public hygiene vending machines.

  • Toilet Papers
  • Hand Towels
  • Centre Feed

Do you need any assistance in ensuring all your toilets and handwash areas are always fully stocked by tissues and paper towels?

Let Anway help you in the never ending task of ensuring all your washroom and toilet areas are constantly stocked.

Anway Washroom Solutions provide the perfect answer to this ongoing problem for all washroom areas.

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Ensuring all your hand towel and toilet tissue dispensers are fully stocked and maintained.

Anways give you complete peace of mind that your workplace obligations are met, in line with Current Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

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Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Available in White and Chrome.

Large capacity toilet dispensers.

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Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

Available in White and Chrome.

Attractive and durable construction for robust service in high traffic washroom areas.

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Hand and Toilet Tissue Consumables

Aside from the supply and management of hand toilet tissue dispensers, Anway also supply any consumables for the entire range we supply.

We have a vast selection of fragrances available, please call us on:
Tel: 0114 248 7649

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